Even if a partnership is established, the public account in question has no legal commercial value because it violates the provisions of the WeChat Public Account Platform Service Agreement on the prohibition of advertising, and Zhao does not need to pay discount compensation. Existing income should be reasonably distributed according to their respective contributions. Zhao believes that it is the only public account that is out of operation and has a large contribution, which should be at least 70% .manage meaning management,  According to Chairman Duan himself, the four agarwood bracelets were purchased by him after he called Xu Xuemin during a trip to Putian, Fujian, and obtained the approval of the CCB card; the Earl's watch was his near Hong Kong Central Bought in a watch store.

  Original Title: Henan Launches "Double Vocational and Higher Education Project", Public and Private Higher Vocational Schools Treat Samemanage meaning management