The impressive " raptor raptor" in the dinosaur movie "Jurassic Park" should actually be a velociraptor. The Latin name is Velociraptor , which means "agile robber / raptor." At present, the Raptor name has not been used, and it can be used to name the new dinosaur.usd to inr exchange rate compare,  The court hearing found that since 1991 , Chen Huimin has been repeatedly penalized for criminal and administrative penalties for illegal crimes. 2003 Nian 2 months after the expiry of detention Chen Huimin, gathered a group of social idlers removed from society. 2004 Nian 10 months, Chen Huimin gang members because of their contradiction with the local workers, people who gathered gun, killing knifed workers and caused 5 people were injured, causing adverse effects on the ground, initially formed to Chen Huimin led syndicate.

usd to inr exchange rate compare