unterschied kusama polkadot,  From the relevant typical cases notified in recent years, it can also be seen that for a few party members and cadres to pray for "official hats", they can burn incense by picking up a pile of dirt, and when they see a deity, they will worship and put political discipline and rules behind them. Former Vice Chairman of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yang Zhongxuan, voted for the promotion of ghosts and gods. During his tenure as the Deputy Secretary of the Banan District Party Committee, he accepted an invitation from a private business owner to make a special trip to the Wuye Temple in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi to burn incense and worship the Buddha, and asked the "master" to pray and pray. At the time of worship, a piece of incense was burned out, and he was anxious about this "ominous omen", and he was troubled by sleep and food. He believed in gods and ghosts, and was suspicious of ghosts and spirits. He was unscrupulous in the spiritual trust of the void, blatantly violated the discipline of general elections, pulled votes, sought "upgrade", and opposed organizational censorship.

  1996.05-1999.04 Deputy Secretary and County Mayor of Luanchuan County, Henan Provinceunterschied kusama polkadot