Dengbing Jiang also said he took over as Director of the 4 goals include continuing to stop indiscriminate violence, strengthening strain, full support for front-line staff, and unite to create a good social environment for law enforcement. He also mentioned that the weapons used by the mob are endless, and the police need to improve equipment to protect frontline personnel, including defensive equipment, and have appropriate weapons to keep frontline personnel away from the mob.solana json api,On November 5 ,   last year , according to the Securities Daily, Xiaomi United China Resources photographed a mixed residential land of nearly 47,000 square meters in Beijing's Changping District at a price of 2.657 billion yuan , triggering speculation that Xiaomi would enter real estate or build houses for employees.

  Original Title: Three Departments Abolished a Batch of Regulatory Documents Involving the Fields of News Publishing, Copyright, and Filmsolana json api